Monday, November 10, 2008

JRun4 wsconfig Error Loading jvm.dll

Recently I attempted to patch our JRun4 servers with updater 7. Unfortunately after the fact, I found out that there is no 64 bit installer for it on windows. "64-bit Support – JRun4 Updater 7 provides 64-bit support on Solaris-SPARC. Other 64-bit operating systems including Windows 64-bit and Solaris-x86 64-bit are not supported."

So after a quick panic attack and reverting to the backed up copy (yes I did back up some recommended things) I felt that I was out of the woods. Twas not the case.

The next time I went to add a site to the Coldfusion instance through wsconfig command line - I received a dreaded "Error Loading jvm.dll". So I could no longer add sites and associate them to the webserver etc.

Here was the old version:
wsconfig.exe -ws IIS -site "" -coldfusion -server "cfcluster" -v -ws64 -norestart
(Error Loading jvm.dll)

The new version of this has be using another technique using a java properties file instead. :
java -jar wsconfig.jar -f c:\j2w_IISconfig\

This called a file that had the arguments that i was executing directly to the wsconfig.exe prior

The Properties looks somehing like this:


Bingo - Hope this helps some other soul out there - as it stopped me in my tracks for a bit.