Monday, September 22, 2008

Verity HotFix Received from Adobe

We have received Tier 3 support from Adobe and they have gotten us a patch for our Verity Collection documented in prior posts. The one thing that shocked me as they they took a look at our case and stated that "Ideally, Verity will run without incident efficiently on about 12 collections (especially if they are using CATEGORIES)." 12 collections? I've never seen this documented anywhere - (as of 9.21.2008) and I've read about everything there is to read on the subject.

So there may be a hotfix for this and other Verity issues coming out soon from Adobe - The entire process took a month to resolve but we're excited to implement the fix and I'll be sure to blog the results of the patch/hotfix.


Steven Erat said...

The number of Verity collections per server is a moving target, limited primarily by the system resources. While the document count is limited due to licensing requirements, the collection number is a functional limitation not a literal one. The K2 server keeps the contents of the collections and the indices/metadata in memory, and the config files allocate a number of threads per collection (2 IIRC). If you were to have a fixed number of documents in either one single collection or distributed among 12 collections, the former would perform better than the latter.

Code Fusion, LLC (Kevin Penny) said...

They did give us some more instructions about some ways that we can better leverage the threads and server configuration on the machine(s) running Verity. This is an exercise that I'll have to go through soon in implementing their recommendations, and as usual I can post what I can about what worked for our situation.