Monday, May 4, 2009

A ColdFusion Developers Keyboard

How can you tell what kind of developer you are by your Keyboard??

Check out my keyboard - Notice the 'C' key is all but worn right off - This has been from about 2 years of programming on this external keyboard - My previous laptop was the same way!

Just for fun, shoot me a picture of your keyboard - whether ColdFusion Programmer, .Net Programmer or dba (would your 'S' key be worn down from all the SELECTS?).



Bob said...

Too funny... my "C" key is worn off as well. I had originally attributed it to alot of copy and paste, but my "V" key is fine.

Unknown said...

I have replaced my C and F keys twice.

Unknown said...

but your angle bracket ( < ) seems to be pretty intact... are you developing in cfscript only? :)

Code Fusion, LLC (Kevin Penny) said...

@Azza - ha yeah good observation - I think it has a lot to do with the angle of the finger on the key, as with the less than (<) symbol my right index finger hits the bottom right of the key vs the top left, which may account for the newness of the key.
@Sid - that's funny I'm not surprised ;)
@Bob - yeah I can See my 'V' key is slowly being wiped clean - I should get a picture of my old laptop where I spent the majority of my days doing CF.

Unknown said...


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Unknown said...

On my .NET developer keyboard is missing Ctrl key :)