Friday, November 20, 2009

Mpls CFUG - Active MQ, Cluster Messaging, Topics and

I'll be presenting at the Minneapolis / St. Paul ColdFusion User Group again in December on Active MQ, Topics, Queues and Cluster Messaging for those interested. I'd love to pack the room before Christmas and show off all the exciting things Apache's Active MQ messaging can do with your ColdFusion applications, especially as it relates to cluster messaging. I'll be doing live demo's and code shows, as well as discussing how our company has used these techniques to help us address things like cache updating/invalidating, message driven events, maintenance queues, workflow etc.

Visit the website for more details but hope to see you out December 2, 1009, in the mean time, check out my new keyboard!

Updated: Download the code samples and presentation (+code) (requires activemq and blazeds deployed on tomcat as separate downloads) OR download the Entire thing with blazeDS, tomcat, amq and code in one large 200MB file


gary gilbert said...

Would love to see your ActiveMQ samples. Cant make from Germany to your presentation but please post the presentation and code examples :)

Code Fusion, LLC (Kevin Penny) said...

@gary - Ha very cool, well you're excused - I'll be sure to post.
Take care

Dan Nelson said...

Great presentation Kevin! I got a lot of good ideas from it.

Code Fusion, LLC (Kevin Penny) said...

@Dan - Hey thanks for coming out - I'll be posting the presentation and code once I can get it all together here soon.