Friday, November 9, 2012

Hung Threads using ActiveMQ and ColdFusion

I have been working with the ActiveMQ gateway for years now, and I just had to dig deeper as we encounter odd states with ActiveMQ over time in production.  After starting and stopping a cfGateway in the cfadmin 2x, I do a thread dump on the server and see that there are 4 threads that have been generated as a result.  The more times you start/stop, the more threads seem to stick around indefinitely (forever from what I see).  Is it possible there's some leak here or close not being properly called through cfadmin to Gateway?  I'm using cf9 local dev and activemq 5.7 but 5.3 also suffers from the same thing (threads pile up on start/stop).  At times I've also seen the Consumer Count not match the number of consumers that should be listed using ActiveMQ 5.3 and cf8 i.e. if there are 16 consumers, I've seen 32.  I shut the 16 off, and 16 still remain as 'registered' consumers (which may tell me that these background threads are alive, yet dead, as they typically never take any messages.

Thread Dump:

Anyone else have this problem or can confirm that this is a similar behavior to what you're seeing?

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