Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ColdFusion 64 Bit on ESX Virtual Server running Windows Server 2003 64Bit

We've successfully migrated our jobs2web application from 32 bit cf7 to 64 Bit ColdFusion 8!

We still have Verity separated out onto a separate server but with the new ColdFusion 8 installation I hope it solves some of the offline index issues we've seen in the past (turns out it wasn't even 12 hours into it before we saw verity handing back data from other collections again - VERITY!! arg)

We also have a separate instance that just handles maintenance/batch job requests that we have setup through the ColdFusion scheduler. This will mean that any issues with a long running batch will not bring down the production client sites.

On top of a major application update to lower our memory footprint with the application, we're running smooth as ice.

I'll discuss the application update in a separate blog post.

Yeah Team!

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