Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Verity - Ask for a Collection and Ye Shall not Receive

Today is another one of those days that 'I hate Verity' (that is shipped with coldfusion).

Every few months we have a disaster occur in production where we have 50+ verity collections on a separate server (separate server install of the Verity version that is shipped with cf 7). Seems like randomly after a service restart of the Instance that mostly calls the Verity collections through cfsearch cfcollection and cfindex, Verity will simply return a resultset from a random collection.

So we'll send a
<cfsearch collection="CollectionA">
and we'll get back results from CollectionB, for no good reason.

Restarting the ColdFusion MX 7 Search Service on the other machine 're-aligns' things and once again the application resumes normal processing.

This has occurred so many times, that I've decided to log a Bug with Adobe about the product.

We separated out the Verity Search service onto a separate machine as this was happening very more frequently when on the same machine (we'd ask for data from one collection, return data from another collection). It still happens now, although less frequent, but with our current dependency on Verity to do much of the work for string comparisons and categorization, when Verity goes, so does the application.

If anyone else has experienced this please post your response. I've even logged to a cflog exactly what we're passing cfsearch when this issue is occurring, and all the data is correct.

It's like the connection between the 2 machines get's severed and resuming that connection the collection mapping get's thrown off, and incorrect data is the result.

Arg - Can't wait for Lucene Integration in cf9, but I'm afraid it will be too late by then (Summer 2009)

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